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the legend of korra :;::::A;::;:;:;:;

hi guys!:D
Okay, so I just finished watching the thirteenth episode of the third season of the legend of korra. I`m not going to tell you much of that episode`s plot since I don`t want to spoil it to anyone who hasn`t watched the series that far yet.

Anyways I will leave it up to you guys(no offense, I call girls "guys" too :9 ) whether you want to watch this amv or not. It has some scenes, of the episode, I was talking about and I think this is really epic and emotional. So, if you dont want any spoilers then dont watch it. (Btw the amv isnt made by me ).

But guys seriously, my emotions were so strong during that episode like.




 and during the whole episode I kept a hand in front of my mouth. There was no noises coming from me (except some loud coughing a couple of times because I`ve flue lol) but there was this storm of emotions raging inside me. And now I`m listening to the legend of korra ost from youtube ;`)

Have you watched the legend of korra series? Has any anime or tv show/book/manga ever brought this kind of feelings in you?

The other times  Ive felt similar to this was when I watched hotarubi no mori e-anime movie. It was so beautiful and sad :`) :`( . Also during last year I once read this manga called letters from the dogs` world...? Im not sure do I remember the name correctly but it was sth like that. Reading every chapter was pain. There was sth in my throat, I had trouble breathing, tears welled up in my eyes and I felt my spine shaking. That was the first time I experienced anything like that and I was so confused of these "feels".

I`m planning on putting prologues or parts of my fan fictions on here for you my readers to read later on. I hope you would like them :)

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