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My opinion:lok

So now Im going to tell you my opinions of the legend of korra which is "lok" for short.

So pretty much exactly a year ago I started watching this series and its just so addicting. And thats good because Ive probably started 50-100 anime shows and only finished five thus far xD.

So I started it last year during winter-spring and I just proceeded to the fourth season yesterday. Yay!:D.

The legend of korra "lok"
*sequel to avatar the last airbender -cartoon/anime (I myself consider it anime but Ive noticed all doesnt because its made by americans. ...and I would have a lot of bias about the is non-japanese cartoon anime even though anime translates to the word cartoon but then I would forget the original purpose of this text.)
*ecchi:nope thank god
*fanservice;wuuhuu there is no fan service!:D
*thrilling/emotional:yup o3o
*realistic:hell yeah. All the relationship drama, fears, and the affects of events are made sooo realistically and well-planned. :3
*timeline:sets up to a time where Aang is dead , Katara and Toph are still alive but oold and Aang and Katara have about 40-50yo kids and air nation is revived !:D
*genre: idk remember but I guess adventure atleast?
*art:ohmyfuckinggod ;;;;u;;,;;;;
*op:what the actual fuck. -__- its just narrator talking. Whhyy!? TTT^TTT . Totally loved avatar's opening more.
*main characters age:teens (when the series begin)

And I would totally recommend this anime/cartoon (glares corner) to anyone who is okay with the fact that the show doesnt contain any ecchi and like good art style and realistic story telling.

What do you reader think of lok? And would you recommend any anime for me to watch? Do you want more anime reviews/opinions from me on future posts?:3

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