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sequal to Ripped into naruverse Tobi x oc(Wakana) oneshot

Tobi and Wakana shared same room. In the room were/was only one bed, so they had to share. She had kicked her blanket off the bed. She was shivering from cold. Eyes close she grabbed somethin warm, what she thought being Tobi's blanket. Well, she couldn't have been more wrong.
"Wakana is a bad, bad girl." She heard a low low, quiet voice murmuring. "uuunhh...Tobi::?" the girl asked feeling drowsy, eyes half open, blinking. That didn't sound like Tobi like at all, he wasn't chirping or anything. But there wasn't supposed to be anyone else in the room. She opens her eyes wide. 
She sees Tobi on top of her. Wakana Ö.Ö "AH TOBI! I'M so sorry!I didn't mean to!! I was supposed to take your blanket, not you! I go get the blanket and I can sleep in a couch!"(apparently they also had a couch,^^) 
Wakana tries to get up from the bed, but finds herself trapped between Tobi's arms. Wakana "T-Tobi...I can't get away...">.< Tobi " I know." smirking, leans closer towards the girl. Wakana "eh?" Feels Tobi's warm breath tickling her neck and decoltee.

A/N: i do not own Tobi; he blongs to masashi Kishimoto. I only own Wakana and the plot.^^ I can continue this or write other tobi x oc oneshots if you comment and share/tell me your ideas

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