lauantai 27. helmikuuta 2016

Review;Naruto vol 71

So..I finally get to the part where Obito sacrificed himself to protect Naruto and saved Kakashi. And he was finally able to see Rin after all those years and even after all Obito did and what happened to him, Rin still accepted him warmly and...

Me *sniff* *in verge of tears*

Mom *comes in the doorway of my room* "Lara! Wanna eat pasta!?"

Me *reading naruto-manga and drinking hot chocolate and tries to hide the obvious fact that is in verge of tears* "sniff., mom Im not hungry.  "

My mom seriously has the perfect timing!:"D

The ....wait...SECOND LAST VOLUME?!?!?!? 0--O
Is so good and touching :'( ..aaamd what did you guys think of naruto volume 71!?:D

And the ending was soo good and EPIC AND CLIFFHANGER AAAGH!! DX

Any manga you would recommend me to buy/read?:3

tiistai 23. helmikuuta 2016


Okay, so Im addicted to listening to music and to youtube cuz that's the only website and app Im currently listening music from.

But there are rumors is youtube going down and that how its not friendly to all the channels/accounts.

For example one of my favourite pokemon remixes has to stop posting his remixes to youtube because of copyright.

Remix means that you havent just copy pasted some one's song on youtube. It means that you have made changes to the song/soundtrack for example by changing the rhytm and beat to slower or faster and including or riching more instruments etc. For example remixes are something that just make the hype bigger around some franchise. Okay I probably can't explain this well but its somewhat similar to you drawing a character from some show and then getting told you have to delete all your art from instagram or deviantart because you don't own the character you drew or for cooking using a recipe you didnt create or you writing a fan fiction which isnt copied word to word, which actually has an unique plot and so on but you are told to delete it from some website because you arent the actuam mangaka et cetera.

And I just love Heather Dale's music but it seems youtube isnt fair for independent music makers either.

Im sorry if this post made no sense. My mind wandered to who knows where xD

What do you readers think of youtube? Do you listen to pokemon remixes/heather dale too? And do you know or use any other websites or apps beside youtube where you can listen to music ? (For free if possible?) And do you know what patreon is?owo;  Cuz i keep hearing of it from time to time xD

More reviews?

Would you like me to write more reviews?:o or do you find them boring?
Would you like me to make more reviews or anime&manga hype or fan fiction?:o
Please comment down below what kind of posts you would want me to write ^___^

lauantai 20. helmikuuta 2016

Review:onepiece vol 1&2

Luffy is a laid back, stupid guy who seems to annoy everyone he happens to meet. But he also has a good heart and fights against bad guys if he has a reason (for example saving somebody's life et cetera).

Luffy is unbelievable strong and it seems nothing , except drowning, can hurt him. He has eaten one of the devil's berries, the gum gum berry which makes his body rubber but as a cost he will never learn to swim, which is a bad feature for a pirate.

Luffy grew up in a small town, which was a base for a group of pirates when he was little. Those pirates were nice and laid-back and weren't easily angered. But if anyone would hurt their friends they were ready for action. Those pirates became Luffy's idols and so he decided to become a pirate king, the greatest pirate amongst all, and go search for the onepiece treasure which is believed to give its owner fame, money and so on.

Onepiece is a the greatest treasure among the seas and all the pirates are looking for it. On his journeys Luffy notices not all pirates are nice and fair and unlike him, everyone aren't fan of pirates.

The art style isn't really my taste and that's the reason why Iven't given  this popular series a try until now. But the plot is good enough to make up for it. The story is a good mix of humour and drama. The series is also adventurous and in every book thus far they face a new opponent. And the background stories explain well why the characters react to things as they do.
For example Nami has grown a strong hatred towards pirates because they have killed someone dear to her and they always destroy everything.

tiistai 16. helmikuuta 2016

:;;;A;;;; review;the book thief

Probably the most cliche thing ever is main character's loved ones deaths and yet I'm here bawling my eyes out, choking while reading the last pages of Markus Zusak's the book thief, where Liesel's hometown has been bombed.

All her loved ones are dead.
And Liesel just might be the only survivor of her hometown. And only because she was writing or reading in the basement.

Let me be honest, Ive been reading this book since christmas holidays started and in no way was it a favourite or especially good one. I was just really stubborn to finish reasing it since I did borrow it from the library after all.  The book is divided to parts and in the beginning of each part it has words likes
Floating book-gamblers-a little ghost
Which are supposed to be the said part's themes but it just makes it seem like an unfinished draft notes for the author to remember what to write later on. However, at the last pages the book claims Liesel, a fourteen german girl wrote the book so that might be why?

Also, even tho I tend to write a lot there were some unusual words to describe the scenery and weather which confused me a bit but maybe someone more educated in literature than me could understand it better than I did.

Even thought the way the book was written confused me at times, the plot and characters were believable and touching :').

sunnuntai 14. helmikuuta 2016

My opinion:lok

So now Im going to tell you my opinions of the legend of korra which is "lok" for short.

So pretty much exactly a year ago I started watching this series and its just so addicting. And thats good because Ive probably started 50-100 anime shows and only finished five thus far xD.

So I started it last year during winter-spring and I just proceeded to the fourth season yesterday. Yay!:D.

The legend of korra "lok"
*sequel to avatar the last airbender -cartoon/anime (I myself consider it anime but Ive noticed all doesnt because its made by americans. ...and I would have a lot of bias about the is non-japanese cartoon anime even though anime translates to the word cartoon but then I would forget the original purpose of this text.)
*ecchi:nope thank god
*fanservice;wuuhuu there is no fan service!:D
*thrilling/emotional:yup o3o
*realistic:hell yeah. All the relationship drama, fears, and the affects of events are made sooo realistically and well-planned. :3
*timeline:sets up to a time where Aang is dead , Katara and Toph are still alive but oold and Aang and Katara have about 40-50yo kids and air nation is revived !:D
*genre: idk remember but I guess adventure atleast?
*art:ohmyfuckinggod ;;;;u;;,;;;;
*op:what the actual fuck. -__- its just narrator talking. Whhyy!? TTT^TTT . Totally loved avatar's opening more.
*main characters age:teens (when the series begin)

And I would totally recommend this anime/cartoon (glares corner) to anyone who is okay with the fact that the show doesnt contain any ecchi and like good art style and realistic story telling.

What do you reader think of lok? And would you recommend any anime for me to watch? Do you want more anime reviews/opinions from me on future posts?:3

lauantai 13. helmikuuta 2016

Lets see will my brains explode...yah thats normal for me .-.

My creativity is back. Yay!
But the conscecunces are....Ive two new story percy jackson fan fic and one original vampire story.
Ive wrote one whole chapter of percy jackson fic , plus the summary and a bit of chapter two, planned six first chapters and some future events.
Drawn and gotten more character details.
And last night I dreamed of some kind of vampire story (I sound like Stephenie Meyer ono, ) and today after I woke up I stayed two hours in bed wriring the main ideas. Yeah, I practically lied in bed today till one pm. Woohoo . XD. Then I did like this fast get up of bed (quick get up off bed especially if you havent eating anything for the last thirteen hours or so can make you a liiitle dizzyy~ =~= ) so then I grabbed some chocolaaaaate from beside my bed and banana (yah thats my first aid kit xD).

And I hope my vampire story wont be stephen meyer original xD. Aanywaay I was practising my ...(ummn blaah forgot the word ) patience with the male vampire character design planning and the fact that I didnt remember/dream of the characters looks in my dream at all so I had to do it all frol scratch and designing him took me...three fucking hours! Like gaaah whyyy!! Xd usually I create chara in 15-60minutes so this suure was a fucking new...and annoying experience for me xD.

So now that my creativity is throwing a mass bomb at me I will probably start suffering from lack of time to keep up with it and STUDIES ...and lets just hope my brains wont explode because of all these ideas bombing at meeh...xd