lauantai 13. helmikuuta 2016

Lets see will my brains explode...yah thats normal for me .-.

My creativity is back. Yay!
But the conscecunces are....Ive two new story percy jackson fan fic and one original vampire story.
Ive wrote one whole chapter of percy jackson fic , plus the summary and a bit of chapter two, planned six first chapters and some future events.
Drawn and gotten more character details.
And last night I dreamed of some kind of vampire story (I sound like Stephenie Meyer ono, ) and today after I woke up I stayed two hours in bed wriring the main ideas. Yeah, I practically lied in bed today till one pm. Woohoo . XD. Then I did like this fast get up of bed (quick get up off bed especially if you havent eating anything for the last thirteen hours or so can make you a liiitle dizzyy~ =~= ) so then I grabbed some chocolaaaaate from beside my bed and banana (yah thats my first aid kit xD).

And I hope my vampire story wont be stephen meyer original xD. Aanywaay I was practising my ...(ummn blaah forgot the word ) patience with the male vampire character design planning and the fact that I didnt remember/dream of the characters looks in my dream at all so I had to do it all frol scratch and designing him took me...three fucking hours! Like gaaah whyyy!! Xd usually I create chara in 15-60minutes so this suure was a fucking new...and annoying experience for me xD.

So now that my creativity is throwing a mass bomb at me I will probably start suffering from lack of time to keep up with it and STUDIES ...and lets just hope my brains wont explode because of all these ideas bombing at meeh...xd

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