tiistai 16. helmikuuta 2016

:;;;A;;;; review;the book thief

Probably the most cliche thing ever is main character's loved ones deaths and yet I'm here bawling my eyes out, choking while reading the last pages of Markus Zusak's the book thief, where Liesel's hometown has been bombed.

All her loved ones are dead.
And Liesel just might be the only survivor of her hometown. And only because she was writing or reading in the basement.

Let me be honest, Ive been reading this book since christmas holidays started and in no way was it a favourite or especially good one. I was just really stubborn to finish reasing it since I did borrow it from the library after all.  The book is divided to parts and in the beginning of each part it has words likes
Floating book-gamblers-a little ghost
Which are supposed to be the said part's themes but it just makes it seem like an unfinished draft notes for the author to remember what to write later on. However, at the last pages the book claims Liesel, a fourteen german girl wrote the book so that might be why?

Also, even tho I tend to write a lot there were some unusual words to describe the scenery and weather which confused me a bit but maybe someone more educated in literature than me could understand it better than I did.

Even thought the way the book was written confused me at times, the plot and characters were believable and touching :').

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