lauantai 27. helmikuuta 2016

Review;Naruto vol 71

So..I finally get to the part where Obito sacrificed himself to protect Naruto and saved Kakashi. And he was finally able to see Rin after all those years and even after all Obito did and what happened to him, Rin still accepted him warmly and...

Me *sniff* *in verge of tears*

Mom *comes in the doorway of my room* "Lara! Wanna eat pasta!?"

Me *reading naruto-manga and drinking hot chocolate and tries to hide the obvious fact that is in verge of tears* "sniff., mom Im not hungry.  "

My mom seriously has the perfect timing!:"D

The ....wait...SECOND LAST VOLUME?!?!?!? 0--O
Is so good and touching :'( ..aaamd what did you guys think of naruto volume 71!?:D

And the ending was soo good and EPIC AND CLIFFHANGER AAAGH!! DX

Any manga you would recommend me to buy/read?:3

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