sunnuntai 26. tammikuuta 2014

Ripped into Naruverse Prologue(in English)

Imagine the worst electric shock you have ever experienced. Then imagine getting  an electric shock which is ten times worst than that. Well that's what Laura felt right now.
A virus of some sort had hacked the Xbox360, which she just had used to play Naruto shippuuden Ninja storm generation. Oh, and she also got an electric shock from that stupid machine, which had got struck by a stupid lightning bolt.
So yeah, she didn't hurt at all. She just felt like her body was ripping into two parts, head exploding, lungs yelling for air to breath.
While Laura felt like dying, a bright blinding white light surrounded her. Shudding her eyes she felt pitch-black darkness surrounding her.Floating in the darkness.
It was a long time ago, had Laura lost her sense of time and place.
           There was just
         in the surrounding darkness.
A bright light.  The feeling of falling--fast.  Gusts of wind were playing with her clothes, with her small, fragile body.
She opened her eyes wide open. Shocked, to see herself feeling through clouds. And towards a bunch of trees. That kepit going closer and closer  each passing second.
"UOOOOAAAAAAHH!!!" she shouted in shock and despair. 

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