sunnuntai 26. tammikuuta 2014

SEQUAL TO Ripped into Naruverse Hidan x oc oneshot(Wakana)

At the Akatsuki base: 
Wakana and Hidan shared a room. And a bed. They lived in peace until one night Wakana woke up in the middle of the night. It was so cold, she had  kicked the blanket off the bed to the floor. She tried to get up to pick up the blanket from the floor before Hidan would wake up.
But instead of getting up she was stuck between Hidan's scythe's two blades/scythes. Hidan "Oi! YOU f**king bitch! You F**king kicked the blanket off!"
Wakana " Ah!;:;:;:: I'M sorry! Pls don't hurt me! Waaaaah!!!!>.<" Hidan´s scythe made a small cut into Wakana's skin. She was bleeding. HIdan dipped his finger into her blood and licked it. He turned into his immortal reaper/skeleton like form.
Wakana "Waaah!!!!;:;: AAaaah!!!!;:;: Don't kill me! I'm sorry!! Pls dont kill me!!!>_<" She was panicking. Then the girl felt warm lips crashing onto her's.
A/N: I do not own Hidan, he belongs to his creator Masashi Kishimoto. I only own Wakana and the plot.

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