tiistai 23. helmikuuta 2016


Okay, so Im addicted to listening to music and to youtube cuz that's the only website and app Im currently listening music from.

But there are rumors is youtube going down and that how its not friendly to all the channels/accounts.

For example one of my favourite pokemon remixes has to stop posting his remixes to youtube because of copyright.

Remix means that you havent just copy pasted some one's song on youtube. It means that you have made changes to the song/soundtrack for example by changing the rhytm and beat to slower or faster and including or riching more instruments etc. For example remixes are something that just make the hype bigger around some franchise. Okay I probably can't explain this well but its somewhat similar to you drawing a character from some show and then getting told you have to delete all your art from instagram or deviantart because you don't own the character you drew or for cooking using a recipe you didnt create or you writing a fan fiction which isnt copied word to word, which actually has an unique plot and so on but you are told to delete it from some website because you arent the actuam mangaka et cetera.

And I just love Heather Dale's music but it seems youtube isnt fair for independent music makers either.

Im sorry if this post made no sense. My mind wandered to who knows where xD

What do you readers think of youtube? Do you listen to pokemon remixes/heather dale too? And do you know or use any other websites or apps beside youtube where you can listen to music ? (For free if possible?) And do you know what patreon is?owo;  Cuz i keep hearing of it from time to time xD

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