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POkemon Black and White N x OC(Laura/Laureli)

Laura was sitting in the steam sauna, at the local swimming bath/pool. She had wrapped her towel around her body. There was a lot of steam in the sauna, more and more steam kept coming to the sauna until all she could see was steam.
She was standing on a wet grass by barefeet. She oly wore a towel, which was wrapped around her body. The scenery was very foggy, just like her memories. She couldn't remember anything, her family, her friends, her name etc. Now where was she..? She thought and then something jumped towards her and tackled her to the ground. 
The girl was laying on the wet grass, on her back, little baby fox sitting on her chest. The baby fox was mostly black but with deep red markings/parts. "Zorua, you can't jump and tackle people on the ground, that´s rude." She heard someone say.
Then a hand appeared in front of her/approached her. "Are you okay?" A worried boy's voice asked her, while offering her a hand. "Yeah, I think so.." She answered while grabbing the boys hand. The boy yanked/helped her get up. The boy had green, long, curly hair, black and white cap, jeans and a jacket. He had beatiful brown eyes. CUTE<3333 Aaah!!;:;. What am i thinking!??!? The girl thought, turning her face to her side trying to cover her blush with her hair. Doing so she saw a pond. 
In the water's reflection she saw the same boy, who had helped her up holding Zorua on his lap, she also saw a girl. She glanced around her surroundings but couldn'see anyone except the boy and the Zorua. Then that must mean...but it's not possible...The girl in the water's reflection was only wearing a towel, which was wrapped around her body. Just like her's...she tried to wave her hand and play with her hair, only to find out the water's reflection copied her every move perfectly. The girl on water's reflection was her's! 
And she looked just like the female character of pokemon black and white- game. The one she had named Laureli. What was going on? Why did she look just like her game character??
A/N: I do not own N or Zorua, they belong to who ever created the pokemon games and shows. Please vote, comment and share! I have a black out, i don't know how i would continue the story from here on^^so i'll happily accept any ideas and maybe use some or all of them in the storyline^^ The idea came Ripped into Naruverse fan fic and i remebered how when i was a wee child me and my sister thought how awesome it would go to pkmn world like in Narnia. But in my version i don't know can she return to her own world at all.^^

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